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Steps to draw head, hands and feet

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Partial step diagram of facial features


When portraying the eyes, you can first observe your eye position and its outline through the mirror. When drawing the eyes, you must grasp the look of the eyes and draw the direction in which the eyes are looking. The eyes must be portrayed out simultaneously with the eyebrows. From the corner of the eye to the eyelid, there are different virtual and real changes in different positions, so it is necessary to grasp the relationship between them.


1、Draw the outer contour lines of the eyes, the shape of the black eyeball and the lines of the double eyelids, and draw the outer contour of the eyebrows according to the shape of the eyes. 

2. Emphasize the contour lines and pay attention to the changes between the virtual and the real, and determine the highlight position of the eyes.

3. Depth the shadow part of the eye socket and the end of the eye, then draw the position of the lower eyelid, and finally apply a block on the white shadow part of the eye to penetrate the details.


The nose is the most prominent in the overall facial features, so when simplifying the lines of the nose,you must understand its structure. The composition of each part forms the three-dimensional sense of the nose. The structure is divided into six basic structures which are the nose root, nose bridge, nose head, nose wings , Nasal septum, and nostril.


1、 According to the perspective relationship, draw the overall structure of the nose, decide the  position of the nose and the nostrils.

2、 First gently wipe the structural lines, leaving a shadow of the line, and outline a smooth nose line on the shadow. Pay attention to the virtual and real lines and the relationship between them.

3、 Deepen the dark depiction on the bottom of the nose and the nostrils to highlight the details to form a three-dimensional sense .


In fashion paintings, lips can usually express the mood of the model. When drawing the lines of lips, pay attention to the structural characteristics and the perspective.


1、 Draw the length and width


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