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    UNAKU Stylish printed dress D92-40


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    Washing TIPS

    Washing TIPS

    Knead the clothes gently, wash them by hand in cold water, not explode, to avoid deformation and shrinkage Avoid contact with rough or hard objects when wearing to avoid friction and snags


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    This product is at “UNAKU factory‘s presale” list, you can enjoy the good quality and amazing rate while you purchase. We will deliver to your doorstep from China by air (7 days) or by sea (30 days) as you pick the way. If not delivered, you will get a refund.


    What’s UNAKU?

        The Unaku brand is for middle and high-class women who yearn for premium quality. These women are elegant, unique, energetic, casual, luxurious, confident and dependent on their style. They desire quality wear at affordable prices because they shop frequently.     Every product on our platform goes through our quality checks because we can't afford to lose a customer over a quality inconsistency. We are known for our integrity and loyalty to customers.

    Delivery and Shipping

       UNAKU has warehouses in the different cities of Nigeria and makes use of a local delivery company (GIG Logistics) to deliver.    We don't accommodate third-party goods, to avoid issues with quality and you can pay on delivery.

    7 Days Free Return Policy

       UNAKU Returns are FREE and easy!    We're bummed things didn't work out for you, but here's the good news: you get 7 days to return your items i good condition starting from the day you receive the product.



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    Medium-length stylish casual print T-shirt suit skirt
    Stylish printed long dress

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    3rd avenue by 4th Avenue junction Festac Lagos, Nigeria. Phone No:
    +234(0)706 778 6808
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